Terms & Conditions
For each video ordered, you (the client) will have the opportunity to suggest changes using unlimited rounds of revisions during the script writing stage, as well as two full rounds of revisions during the animation stage (after receiving the first draft of the fully animated video), so that we (Engaging Animations) can guarantee your satisfaction.

Once a production stage has been given approval, any changes to that stage, further into production, will result in additional fees. (For example, changing the script after it has already been approved and recorded as a voice over, will result in fees required to record the adjusted voice over.)

Standard fees are currently $97 for making reasonable visual animation changes only.

And $197 for recording a new voice over and making reasonable visual animation changes.

These fees are subject to increase whenever deemed necessary, in the event of adjustments being made to an unusually long video. 

Video production is done efficiently by following a step by step process whereby one stage must be completed before moving onto the next one. The Engaging Animations project manager will require the client to provide approval at certain stages before moving forward.

Engaging Animations reserves the right to show the client’s final product in our digital portfolio, website, and social media pages and channels, unless requested otherwise by the client.

Once the project fee has been paid in full to Engaging Animations, the final, approved video is the property of the client.

Prior to full payment, all intellectual property, including all designs, storyboards, scripts, animations, sound effects, voice-overs, or other artwork files are the property of Engaging Animations.

By ordering any video package, the client agrees that they understand the visual limitations of the package they have ordered, due to the fact that the majority of the graphic elements to be used for production during the animation stage are template-based (pre-created elements).

Therefore, the client agrees that their final product/video will look very similar, in terms of the general animation style, to the examples that can be seen as promotional material, or portfolio items on the website where the video package was purchased.

Engaging Animations reserves the right to refuse a refund, if the reason for a refund request is deemed to be an unreasonable level of animation expectations, which are clearly outside of the capability of the package the client has ordered, and if the final video is up to a high standard for the animation package that was ordered, in comparison to other recent example videos from the same animation style package.

This agreement becomes effective and production will begin only when a 50% deposit, or the full order amount has been received by Engaging Animations.

Any video order becomes void and will not be refunded, if after ordering, the client is unresponsive and does not begin the video production process by responding to Engaging Animations for a period exceeding 6 months, unless discussed otherwise at the time of placing the order.
Engaging Animations is a part of Digital Equities LTD - 2021
Engaging Animations is a part of Digital Equities LTD - 2021
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