Partner with Engaging Animations

Partner with Engaging Animations

Refer Our Video Service to Your Customer Base And Earn 
An Instant 30% Commission On Every Purchase!

Refer Our Video Service to Your Customer Base And Earn 
An Instant 30% Commission On Every Purchase!

We offer

Premium Quality 
Video Production

Reasonable Pricing

Great Reviews & 
Massive Portfolio

Examples of our work

Whiteboard Style

Explainer Style

Mixed-Media Style

  Do you have a large customer base?  

  Do you have a large customer base?  

Would any of your customers benefit from creating an animated marketing video?
Why not refer them to us and earn a 30% commission for each order!

Here's how it works:

Here's how it works:

By signing up as a reseller today (takes 5 minutes), you will get a unique link to our video offer page.  (If you prefer, we can also create an alternate version of the page, to match your brand colors and logo.)

If anyone clicks your link and makes a purchase. You will get a 30% commission paid to your designated account automatically and instantly!

All you need to do is share your unique link and recommend our service to your customer base, collleagues, or friends.

We use "Sticky Cookies" to make sure you will always get a commission, even if they come back to us a month later and order then.

Simply share your unique URL, and you get paid instantly!

Our sales pages convert at 22% to warm referrals. So making sales via referral is super easy! 

And we guarantee an amazing customer experience!

Sign up using the steps below: (5 minutes)

Sign up using the steps below: (5 minutes)

There are NO FEES for joining.

Step 1

Click the below button to create an affiliate partner account:

Click here to preview the explainer package sales page (You'll have a unique link to this page, which you can share to your customer base, presenting us as your video production partner.)

Step 2

Sign up with your email address:

You will need to create an account with ThriveCart to that we can set you up for automatic payments and commissions

Step 3

Confirm your registration:

You will then need to confirm your registration as an affiliate for our service

Step 4

Confirm your account in the confirmation email:

You'll get an account confirmation email, complete set up and activate your account.  Then, click the link to login to your affiliate portal.

Step 5

You can now access your ThriveCart Affiliate Dashboard:

Click the products tab, and then click view on the explainer video product.

Step 6

Link your Paypal account (So we can pay you!):

Click Set up PayPal now and link your account.

Step 7

Finally, Copy your affiliate link:

This is the link you need to share to your customers and referrals to get paid!

OK I've signed up... Now what?

OK I've signed up... Now what?

Share your link with your customer base and start earning!
We'll take care of every potential client you send our way.

Share your link with your customer base and start earning!  
We'll take care of every potential client you send our way.

If you haven’t checked us out online yet, you should know that we’ve already delivered hundreds of videos to our very satisfied clients.  We provide top-notch service and create high-level videos, so you can promote our services with complete confidence. 

Your unique link leads to our landing page (website), but uses your unique tracking code.

This means you have the advantage of referring potential potential customers to our powerful sales page, featuring:

  • ​​A sales video and info that answers all common questions.
  • ​Plenty of positive customer testimonials.
  • ​A portfolio of video great video examples.
  • ​A contact form and call scheduler so that they can speak to someone from our team before ordering.

Our product pricing starts at $497 and increases with increased video length options, as well as optional add-ons. The average expected order value is around $1000!

When someone purchases from your link you will get paid 30% of the total order revenue, including 30% of any optional extra's added to the order. (These can easily double the order value, and therefore your commission for any sale!)

If someone schedules a call with us, instead of ordering immediately, we'll answer all their questions and then encourage them to order. If they come back to order later, you'll still get your commission, due to our "sticky cookies"!

Recommended promotion methods:

Recommended promotion methods:

  • Email your customer list explaining how great this service is, and share your unique link.

  • ​​Post your link on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with a review of how great your video was, if you have worked with us in the past.

  • ​Send paid traffic to your link, using your preferred traffic method. Our affiliates have had success with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Youtube ads!

  • ​Plug your link as an add-on product for your own business to better help serve your clients by offering our video services.

How will I get paid?

Commissions are paid instantly to your connected Paypal account automatically.

Commissions are 30% of total order revenue, no matter what package they select, and including all upgrades your referrals add-on.

But how does it actually work?

We operate a 'last cookie' affiliate program for referrals using ThriveCart, this means the last valid affiliate link you click will be credited with the sale.

The affiliate ID of the referring affiliate is shown both in the bottom of the checkout prior to purchase and also in the bottom of your receipt.

Basically, this means that if someone clicks your link and buys at any point in the future, you will be tagged as the referrer and the system will automatically pay you your commission!

How do I track my sales stats?

You can login to your affiliate portal at anytime by logging in here:

Engaging Animations is a part of Digital Equities LTD - 2021
Engaging Animations is a part of Digital Equities LTD - 2021
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