Why Engaging Animations?
Why go to Paris, Las Vegas, when you could go to Paris, France?  Don't get us wrong, Vegas is cool, but do you not like Croissants? Ummm, we digress...   

Our clients choose us, return to us and refer their friends, because we create first-rate videos.  Our experienced team has created hundreds of videos for satisfied clients all over the US, and globally, and our focus lies in getting your ideal message across every time, with a video that suits your brand and budget. We provide outstanding customer service and are always happy to jump on a call with you to discuss your project.  We offer unlimited revisions during all stages of production, because we want you to be ecstatic about your results and spread the good word about our services.
Pricing: How much will it cost?
We have a range of packages available to suit different budgets, ranging from:

Affordable (but great looking!) template-based animation starting at only $497 for 30 seconds.
To fully custom-made premium animation, at around $4000 per 30 seconds.

The animation style, the video duration, and the number of videos you’re looking to create all play a factor in your final quote.  Before we get in touch, we'll ask about your rough target budget, so that we know exactly how much you're willing to invest.  That way we can recommend the package that suits you perfectly.

Schedule a call with us or click the Get A Quote to tell us more about your video needs!
Turnaround time: How long will it take?
After completing our strategy call, placing your order and filling out the short questionnaire, our average turnaround times are as follows:

Our template-based animation packages have an average turnaround time of 3-4 weeks. (Or less than 2 weeks with our optional "Fast-Track Delivery" service)

Our fully custom video packages can be expected to take at least 6 weeks. (Or within 4 weeks with the optional "Fast-Track Delivery" service.)

The timeline also depends on how responsive you are throughout the process, as we require your feedback and approval at different stages of production.  We won't rush you, but the faster you get back to us the faster we can finish your project!

Sure, some animation companies may offer delivery in a matter of days, but we would recommend caution.
What if I'm not satisfied?
With our template-based videos:  You get the chance to give unlimited feedback during the script writing stage, as well as 2 free unlimited rounds of revision on your video.  Usually all issues are resolved after one round of revisions. If you are not satisfied after our second attempt, which is very unusual , you can ask for further revisions for a small fee. Or take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee.

As for our fully custom animations, you have unlimited revisions available at every stage.  You WILL be satisfied, because we'll keep going until you'r ecstatic about your video, and our streamlined process is designed to make sure you love what we're creating for you, every step of the way.
How involved do I need to be? / What is my time commitment?
As soon as you place your order, your dedicated project manager will walk you through our streamlined delivery process.  Our communication will then move to your video management dashboard, or just email, depending on your preferences.  You can be involved as much (or as little!) as you would like to be throughout the process.  Some people want to stay in communication with us regularly, and others prefer to let us "do our thing" with minimal communication, besides getting the "thumbs-up" at certain stages of production.  We'll be available for questions and will make sure you're happy with every stage of your project, before moving ahead.
Can I change my video's length after ordering?
Yes! Many of our past client's who have ordered a 60 second video, for example, have chosen to increase to a 90 second video, in order to include more information in their script.  We will simply send over a payment link for the difference.
How long should my video be?
This depends on how much information you would like to include. We recommend:

30 second videos - A short “teaser” with about 75 words, showing your audience a quick glimpse of what you’re about, leaving them wanting more and ending with a brief call to action.

60 second videos - Recommended minimum length for a simple “here’s what we do, who we are, find out more…” style of videos, including some of your features and benefits. Usually about 150 words ~ 11 sentences.

90 second videos - The sweet spot!  Gives us more room to be creative and tell a full story of what you can do for your audience, really breaking down your complex solution, and helping people understand what you can do for them. Usually about 225 words.

Longer - The sky's the limit, and we can create videos as long as you need them to be, depending on your content and audience.
Should I order more than one video?
Yes!  We may be slightly biased, being a video marketing company, but we highly recommend it.  Video is the most consumed, engaging and viral form of media on the internet, and it's not slowing down.  Having a single video that serves as an overview or explanation of what you do is great! But, if you invested in creating a series of videos to enlighten your prospects on all aspects of your product or service, the benefits only multiply. Attention spans are not what they used to be, and people spend VERY little time reading the text on your website, blog posts and social media.  Video is the present and future and creating multiple videos will serve as an asset to your brand for years to come.
Can I earn a commission by referring your company?
Glad you asked ;)

Yes, we have a referral program currently set up for our lower priced template-based video offer, which has fixed, affordable pricing.  You will earn instant 30% commissions for every purchase made from your referrals.

Click here to see the details and sign up!  (takes 5 minutes)

If you had a great experience creating a fully custom video with us (of course you did) and wanted to refer a friend and earn a commission on their higher-priced custom video purchase instead, then simply get in touch with us and we will set that up for you in a jiffy!
Engaging Animations is a part of Digital Equities LTD - 2021
Engaging Animations is a part of Digital Equities LTD - 2021
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